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Ow my hand.

This is Debs.

She likes history, tea, British comedies, reading, drawing and for some odd reason, alpacas.

The Debs has a marked tendency to jump from fandom to fandom like a kangaroo on speed.

She may or may not be a ninja.

Feel free to drop her a line through the handy ask button in the links if you ever feel like talking or if you want to use her art for anything (if the Debs doesn't reply, it's usually because Tumblr ate her mail again).
Trying to get my flapper on.

Trying to get my flapper on.

Posted: 13th Oct 2013 with 38 notes
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  1. bayanis said: u look dapper as fuck o evil overlord
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    yep, she really looks so cute!!
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    The gal who is responsible for the SNK 20’s AU is so kawaii.
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    Guys look, the evil overlord is a total cutie
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  9. khelish said: omg be quiet you’re adorbs!
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